Ogden Nordic is offering seasonal rentals for classic and skate ski packages and snowshoes.   Here's how it works: 

  1. You must purchase a season pass (individual or family). (Make note of your season pass invoice order #. You will enter this code on the season rental form when ordering your rentals). PURCHASE YOUR SEASON PASS HERE.

  2. Fill out your rental form online.

  3. Pay for your seasonal rentals

  4. You will receive a confirmation of your payment

  5. Ogden Nordic staff will contact you to schedule a pickup time at which you will try on boots and learn how to use the equipment

  6. You will sign a rental agreement at the time of pick up and provide information for Ogden Nordic to charge for the case of non-return and equipment damage.

We expect that pick up of equipment will happen the first of December (depending on when the trails open).  Equipment must be returned by March 31.

If you have any problems with your equipment during the season, contact us or call 801-648-9040.

Get started with your seasonal rentals here.


Classic/Skate Ski Package (skis/boots/poles):

   - Adult:  $100

   - Child:    $80

Snowshoes:  $45

Classic/Skate Skis Only:     $55

Classic/Skate Boots Only:   $35