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OGDEN NORDIC Grooms winter trails for HUMAN POWERED use. We have trails specifically groomed for cross country skiers (Classic and Skate techniques) and separate trails for snowshoeing and fat biking.  GROOMING COSTS A LOT OF MONEY, and TIME, so we ask that all users respect the trails and respect other users.  Please read and follow these guidelines for SAFETY and RESPECTING other trail users.  

  • ALL USERS: Do not approach wildlife (moose) - if they do not move, turn around or pass giving them wide berth.

    • DIAL 911 for emergencies

  • WALKING OR RUNNING without snowshoes is NOT permitted.   Footprints left on the trails can be dangerous to other users, can contribute to accidents and are difficult to groom out.


    • Yield to downhill traffic and faster skiers

    • Step to the side of the trail when stopping


    • Use the snowshoe trails

    • IF you have to cross the ski trails, avoid the classic ski tracks

    • IF you find yourself on a ski trail, stay off to the far side (opposite of the classic tracks), single file and find your way back to the snowshoe trails

    • DO NOT snowshoe down the middle of the ski trail or the classic tracks


    • Use the fat bike single track trails groomed specifically for your use

    • Minimum 3.75 inch tire

    • Bikes yield to other users - use caution when crossing other trails

    • No skidding, leaving ruts or post holing

    • If the trails are soft, turn back - if you are sinking more than 1" turn back

    • See more info on fat biking at Ogden Nordic HERE


    • Keep dogs on leash at all times - Weber County Ordinance 2-1-05

    • Do not allow dogs to approach wildlife

    • Always pick up after your dog

    • See more info about Dogs at Ogden Nordic HERE

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