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Winter Yurt Responsibilities

In reserving a YURT in North Fork Park, you will also be required to sign a licensing agreement with Weber County. This agreement will be sent to you via email after your reservation is complete. You must sign that agreement and either bring it with you when you check-in or email the completed form to

Following is a list of responsibilities that you must agree to before reserving the Yurt. Please review each item and check the box indicating your understanding and agreement to each requirement:

Contact in case of an emergency:


  • 30+ days prior to reservation: Full refund

  • 2 weeks - 30 days prior to reservation: 1/2 refund and deposit

  • Less than 2 weeks prior to reservation: Deposit refund only

By typing my name below, I understand and agree to the above responsibilities for the use of the Winter Yurts and agree my electronic signature is the legal equivalent of a manual signature on this form.

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