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Date: March 10, 2024   |   Start Time: 10:00 AM
Start Format: Clustered Interval (groups of 5-8 individuals every minute)

Race Registration Form

Race Philosophy (select the category the best fits your racing philosophy so we can place you in an appropriate start group):

 I like to race full speed. I will likely collapse at the finish line "Jessie Diggins style" knowing I pushed every muscle to its limit.

I'm a recreational racer. I like to go as fast as I can but am not willing to destroy myself.

I'm new to XC ski racing but have raced in other sports. This will be an exciting adventure.

I'm a casual skier and plan to sing and enjoy the spring birds while I ski around the course.

If you have a buddy that you would like to race with, enter their name here so we can pair you at the start line:


Winter trail use and participation in a ski race can present risk of serious injury or death. I understand that during trail use I am responsible for determining the safety of any trail based upon my own experience and skill level. I recognize that conditions may change rapidly, and I accept this as a known risk. I thereby assume these and all risks and agree to hold harmless Ogden Nordic and all associates from any liability or demands which arise out of these risks and hazards while I am participating in this ski race.

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