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Trail 365 is a new trail that was developed through donation of trail crew and machinery from Powder Mountain and Weber Pathways.  The grooming equipment for the winter trails was obtained through funding from the UTAH OUTDOOR RECREATION GRANT Program.
Matching sponsors included Ogden Nordic, RAMP, The Bike Shoppe, Skyline Cycles, Bikers Edge, Visit Ogden and Ogden Trails Network.  We thank all of our matching sponsors and the Division of Tourism/Outdoor Recreation Grant Program for funding. This trail hooks into existing fatbike/snowshoe trails and are groomed "to perfection" for winter use!

North Fork Fat Bike Rules

1. An Ogden Nordic Trail Pass is required to ride the trails.  Trail passes can be purchased at the Nordic Center or you can deposit funds in the trail head collection box.

2. IF you end up on the ski trails not ride across the classic tracks (two grooved ski tracks on side of trail).

3. Do not ride in soft conditions.  If you are leaving a rut greater than 1” deep, you should not be riding.  Great article from  here

4. Ride ONLY on the snowshoe/Fat bike trails (see map) IF you absolutely must be on the ski trails, please stay on the far outside (where it is firmest) and if you are leaving a rut greater than 1" deep, you should not be riding.

5. Fat bikes only with tire width >3.7”.  Mountain bikes not allowed!

6. Bikes must yield to all other trail users (skiers, snowshoes & walkers)

7. Do not walk up steep hills.  If it’s too steep to ride, turn around.