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Winter Trails Day Volunteers

posted Dec 6, 2015, 7:59 PM by Mick McLennan

Friends of Ogden Nordic and North Fork Park,


Winter Trails Day 2015 is scheduled Saturday January 9, 2016 from 9am until 1pm.  Once again we are in need of many great volunteers to make our wonderful event happen.  Last year we had great volunteer turnout which made things easy for everyone and we'd like to do the same this year. There are descriptions of the different opportunities below.  Feel free to “volunteer” all of your friends and loved ones as well if you can convince them to come and help.  To sign up please contact Mark Zeigler via email (markz@Ogdennordic.com) or call 435-230-3096


 Winter Trails day 2016 Activities & Volunteers Needed

 O’Nordic Center Volunteers (mostly inside the Nordic Center)

As always, we will need some serious help with equipment in the Nordic Center.   If you know the gear and have helped out I the Nordic Center in the past this is definitely the place for you!


Hot Chocolate (outside)

We need a couple of people throughout the day to help with hot chocolate dispensing.  Last year we set up the hot chocolate station outside and it worked really well.  If passing out delicious hot chocolate to smiling winter sports enthusiasts is your game then please volunteer to help in this area.  The product will be provided so the main job here is mixing and dispensing with a smile. 


Greeters (mostly outside)

In addition to Nordic Center staff to help specifically with equipment, we’ve become accustomed to having several greeters outside throughout the day.  We will have several tents that we will use as home base for our greeting team.  Our main job here is to provide smiling faces as people arrive.  Greeters also provide information about equipment availability and other organizations on site at the expo.  Mostly these people will be helping to direct traffic and flow to the various activities upon arrival.  Greeters can also help out inside the Nordic Center if we get rushed.

Ski Lessons

The Ogden Nordic PSIA certified Ski School will provide coaches for ski lessons (skate and classic).  If you have an interest in providing lessons please contact Mark. 

Wax Clinics

We are working on lining up one of our event sponsors to do a wax clinic.  If you are interested in doing a wax clinic please contact Mark.


Junior Games

We are looking for someone to coordinate Junior Games this year, and people to help set up/take down.  In the past we have done a scavenger hunt that has been well-received.


Snow shoe and ski tours

Once again we will need a couple of “Experienced O’Nordic Volunteer Guides” to lead cross country ski and snow tours in the park.  The director of the tour will need to quickly assess the skill of the group and decide where to go.  Ski guides can also work within your group and decide on skate vs. classic.  I think they are almost always classic tours though.  If you’re interested in showing off the trails and getting away from the buzz of the Nordic Center for a while, this is the activity for you!  You can also point out the beauty and pristine nature of North Fork Park…always a treat!


Fat Bikes

North Fork Park now allows fat bikes on the main trail from south gate to north gate.  We have invited several bike shops in Ogden to come to Winter Trails Day with snow bike demos.  This will be a chance for our beloved ski community to try a snow bike and will also be a good opportunity for us to assess traffic with bikes, skis, and snow shoes sharing a busy trail.  There will not be a lot of bike traffic (just the demo bikes) and it will be fun to see people try them out.  We should not need any volunteers in this area but I hope everybody will take a chance to try the equipment.



Thanks for helping to make WTD grow as our premier event each season.  Please consider pitching in and helping out.  Also, please forward this note to any other potential volunteers who may be interested to get involved.  You can put them directly in touch with me.