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Summer News

posted Mar 17, 2011, 4:13 AM by Mick McLennan   [ updated Jul 24, 2011, 3:49 PM ]
Ogden Nordic to purchase 2011' Polaris and Ginzu.    We recently recieved confirmation of grant funding to help purchase a new tracked groomer.  The Ogden Nordic Board of Directors has agreed to move forward with the purchase of a Polaris Ranger UTV and new 9' Ginzu to go along with it from Yellowstone Track Systems.  So, we are growing our grooming fleet.  We plan to two machines stationed the South End, with one in reserve for safety purposes, and the other stationed at the North End of the system.  
The Tracked UTV simplifies the driving task over that of a snowmobile, makes turning a breeze, and keeps the drivers out of the snow and cold.  So, this should exapand our volunteer pool, reduce driver fatique, and keep drivers warm.  The down side is that tracked vehicles have a higher ground pressure than the snowmobiles due to addtional weight and reduced track surface area.  So, in softer snow the tracks can leave marks.  Last season we found that waiting a few days to allow the snowcat to set up firm trail helped this condition.