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Ogden Nordic NEWS & 'Send a Note' Request

posted Mar 24, 2013, 6:29 AM by Mick McLennan   [ updated Mar 24, 2013, 6:29 AM ]

We have some news to share with you and a request. There is some good movement within the county commission right now. They may be willing to come to the table to discuss trails! Wow that would be great! Please send them an e-mail.

As you know there is one more VERY important cross country trail connection to make that will form a great loop connecting the North fork River trail with Cutler creek trail. We also have 3 important single track connections to make that will form really fun loops for summer.  We have approved RAMP funds to build one of these trail, but need approval. We have had this trail plan on the table since 2004, but have not made much progress in the last 4 years. (The trail plan grew out of an effort that we lead to bring Weber Pathways, the Utah Back Country Horseman, Ogden Cycling, the GEM Committee, and the Community Foundation of Ogden Valley, together to look at the trails in North Fork. So, it has great support for multiple user groups.)

We also have a request into the USFS for some trails that cross their property and are part of the North Fork Park Master trail plan. The USFS likes our proposal and has allowed us to build some great trails in the past, such as (Smokies Amble), but they will not rule on this proposal until they know and feel county commission support.

Lastly, we have Yurt that we would like to install that was purchased in 2009. But we can't seem to get the necessary county backing to move this project along.

But, we now have a new commissioner in Matt Bell and as well continuing service of Jan Zogmaister and Kerry Gibson. They mentioned that have not heard from many users this year. So please send them a note!!! I know that Matt does not know of our work and that we are patently waiting for their support of the trail plan. So, please send a note to all of them expressing your feelings about Ogden Nordic, the trail quality, and your experiences. Mentioning that you would like to see the trails connected and the completion of the trail plans will go a long way. Also, if any of you have every brought friends from other cities, states, or countries to visit North Fork it would be fantastic help.

PLEASE Send an e-mail to

Matthew Bell mbell@co.weber.ut.us

Kerry Gibson kgibson@co.weber.ut.us

Jan Zogmaister jzogmaister@co.weber.ut.us

Regards and Thanks for your help with this.

Terry Davis


Ogden Nordic